Are You Learned Enough as a Teacher?

Have you ever considered whether you are learned enough as a teacher? Just a highly paid job in the top most school of the state does not qualify your skills as a teacher. But, very few realize the fact. Since last 20 years, I have come across people, who hardly feel it necessary to reflect on their own learning process. Consequently, they are unable to create good learners. However, it is crucial for a teacher to retrospect their own learning process, so that they can make positive contributions towards make good students.

Learned Enough as a Teacher

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Experts believe that stepping outside of the comfort zone and visiting different schools and classrooms is always beneficial for a teacher.  As a relief teacher of a local school, I have always been blessed with the opportunity to look around and compare the ways how others teach. During this period,  I have felt that as an educator, one must have the capability to gain an insight on the different process of teaching and that too in a different backgrounds. Most of the time, we get stuck within four walls and hardly have the guts step outside the comfort zone. Quite obviously, the wide arena of Learning and Knowledge seems inaccessible as well as isolated to us.

In our school at Ontario, we follow an “open door” culture that effectively encourages visitors to step into and see us delivering knowledge to students. It also encourages the process of collective learning, which imbibes the required skills in teachers. But, the process itself is not that easy for experienced teachers. As we gain experience, we get more confined within the boundaries of our own classroom and can hardly develop our skills.

With the advancement of technology, various avenues of connecting with other teachers have opened up. These days teachers are interacting through Twitter and Facebook. The social networking platform, widen your chances to meet new people and sharing ideas. Online discussion forums allow you to take part in various discussions pertaining to your area of interests and help you build up connections. Thus, technology offers us a wide array of avenues to tread and explore the process of delivering knowledge in a whole new light. The objective is to step outside the comfortable zone and get out for visiting other classrooms.

But, the entire process becomes more of a challenge when we gain experience and literally stop growing. The moment we stop learning we stop growing, which makes the learning process stagnant. So, it’s quite obvious that if we want our students to learn and grow, we should first get out from the comfort zone to experience all these ourselves. Unless we upgrade ourselves, we won’t be able to deliver market specific knowledge to our students.

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