Do Not Do These At Your Internship!

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You may think internships are not very serious, especially if they are unpaid, however, you should be very grateful that the company accepted you because there is a fierce internship competition. Having said that, you may be unsure of what is and what is not appropriate to do while you take your internship.


Gossipers are looked down upon as being untrustworthy and scandalous. You do not want you manager thinking of you that way! Even if your boss is having a conversation about you, and you over hear it, do not go telling everyone what he or she said. If you boss wanted you to know what he or she said, they would have told you. Now, if the boss is talking to YOU about another employee, do not go telling everyone (not even the person the conversation was about) that is up to your boss, not you.

Sexual Humor

Sexual jokes are only funny when you are with your friends, however, it can get you fired at your workplace. Your boss may not think joking about someone’s sexual decisions is very funny, nor do they want to know what those decisions are.

Acting like a child

We all know those revolving chairs are fun to spin around in, however it is extremely inappropriate, even in front of your other childish coworkers. Be sure that your manager sees you acting professional and will to work.

Hit on your boss

Women that are good looking tend to think it is all right to show skin, thinking their boss will “like it”. Well, the answer is NO. Never hit on your boss. Managers think that is extremely unprofessional in addition to degrading! Win your boss over with your brain and professional talent, not your body. In addition, you may have more guy-“friends” (more like fans) at your workplace, but have you noticed that the women do not talk to you much? Well, they probably think you are a little sleazy. It is just not appropriate.


If your manager hears you complaining about where you are taking your internship, he or she will most likely fire you. It is a good idea to take your internship somewhere that you are familiar with, or at least want to be. For example, do not take your internship in Latin America, if you do not want to be in that country. Your manager picked you, and let hundred of interns go for a reason. Show him or her the reason you are there, ready to work!

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