Does A College Internship Program Make You an Expert?

A professional degree from an esteemed institution is not always adequate to get a dream career. You need something more than just a brilliant academic background and a professional degree. To be a successful corporate professional, you need “Expertise”. But, it does not grow overnight; rigorous training and day to day participation in the real world business scenario helps cultivate proficiency in individuals. Corporate America, in the post-recession period has become extremely volatile, and as a professor of a leading MBA College, I have always felt that education system of the state hardly has infrastructure to imbibe the required professional skills in students. Quite obviously, they miserably fail to put up with the challenges posed by real business world. This is why, college internship programs are so imperative in recent years.

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Over the past few years, there has been a substantial rise in the number of college students looking for the internship programs. Studies reveal that majority of students turning towards internship programs are mostly interested to get into their chosen field and would like to embrace the professional responsibility from the very beginning. The objective is to gain expertise in particular field, which undeniably goes beneficial in the long run.

Nowadays, the trend of getting a professional degree immediately after completing the academic studies is somewhat fading. Most of the enrollees in the B-schools in the United States are not immediate pass outs from college. Instead they have accomplished various internship programs and after gaining the required proficiency consider joining the B-schools. This is certainly a great idea, I believe. The current generation is familiar with the changing and continuously evolving scenario of business world. Without gaining the required expertise it’s almost impossible to survive in this volatile segment. I think, a professional degree will grace your resume, but does not provide you the skill or know-how to execute particular job. Specifically said, a professional degree will work as an endorsement to your practical skills. At present, there is a huge volume of so-called educated individuals in the corporate workforce, but hardly a few could make any substantial contribution.

A lot of companies organize summer internships programs these days for the college students. But, if you can manage enough time, I would suggest you to join the companies that offer internship programs round the year.  Not only you will develop the required skill, you will also get used to the techniques to survive in a volatile  economy.

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