How Far Does Internet Affect the Current Education System?

With a growing dependence on World Wide Web, there has been a major shift in the way we communicate, get informed and do business. Following the trend, the education scenario has also witnessed a significant change. The old school procedure no more fits into the criteria with a tech-savvy generation who are looking for something more interesting and streamlined. Accordingly, various tools are being introduced, which are extensively in use for delivering knowledge.

Internet Current Education System

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There’s no doubt that the conventional method of education is gradually losing ground, as the system is falling short of catering to the needs of professional world. Yesterday, I had a conversation with one of my students, who has graduated with a liberal arts degree from a prestigious institution of the state. She was frustrated, because apart from the paper degree she hardly possessed any skill relevant to the current marketplace. In short, she did not have the practical skills to get a job in. All she had done for so many years is spending a lot of money to get that certificate. This is unfortunate, but do we really have any means to make her marketable in today’s economy? Perhaps not, if we still follow the traditional methods of education.

Many universities across the state, nowadays are adopting various innovative measures to get themselves adapted with the changing scenario worldwide. One of the most followed techniques is the extensive usage of Social media for the same. With a number of interactive methods, such as audio, user-created video, text or multimedia, socials media have now become an important platform to deliver knowledge, while developing the required skills in students that makes them marketable. Moreover, learning in a technically updated environment prevents the feeling of boredom from grasping you. Quite obviously, learning becomes hassle free and is great fun. Nowadays, blogs, wikis, video hosting sites, etc. are becoming the major platforms of learning.

According to the U.S. Department of Education, tech-savvy students opting for contemporary methods of education in a cloud campus are outperforming those who are receiving face-to face instructions and are in constant touch with their teachers. Needless to say, internet is having an all-encompassing effect on our day-to-day life and the education system is not an exception.

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