How far does Learning Management Software or LMS make ELearning Successful?

Over the past few years, there has been a dramatic change in the process of learning both in academic and corporate environments. Instead of conventional modules, which were taught by instructors in classrooms or conference halls, learning and training both have gone virtual today. Moreover, with the introduction of Learning Management Software, virtual learning has reached a new height. Although learning and training in the cloud have created waves a few years back, they have never been profoundly acknowledged until the Learning management software (LMS) made its way in the education scenario.


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A couple of weeks ago, when I was discussing with my fellow instructors regarding the implementation of LMS in our training institution, an important fact that crossed my mind was the seamless and hassle-free learning process provided by an LMS. It enables users to learn and grasp knowledge at their own pace, thus making a profound impact on the learners. One of the primary advantages of the software is that it is highly customizable so that it can be updated as per the industry requirements, and help users to improve their performance levels. What’s more! An LMS can also deliver a learning material in a printable format.

An LMS can be easily integrated to support classroom learning, to make the entire process engaging. As an educator, I have experienced how tedious classroom training can be, especially when the students are required to sit for hours with teacher giving long lectures on a typically uninteresting topic. E-Learning via LMS makes the best use of various interactive applications on mobiles and the Internet, thus allowing students to stay tuned to their favorite gadget, while learning. They can gain more knowledge, while having fun at the same time.

Recently, I came across an insightful post regarding this, where the blogger has cited that word power games can be an effective way to help learners gain knowledge in English grammar and vocabulary. A word power game is skillfully designed to enhance vocabulary of the user, without him being realizing it. Nowadays, such games are also incorporated in the social networking profiles and members can log in at convenient times to play such learning games.

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Such educational games also help in retaining knowledge. Many premier B-schools have incorporated management games in their E-Learning modules. Such games not only enable students to think on their feet, but also help them perform better each day. On the course of play students can devise strategies and plans in order to fulfill the objectives set by these games. The process cultivates competitive skills in students, thereby preparing them for the real business world.

One of the key benefits of implementing LMS is that it’s not location-specific. Thus, it helps schools and institutions to enroll students, irrespective of their geographical boundaries. It enhances the process of learning at significantly reduced time and cost. Currently, an LMS or E-Learning software is effectively used in various industrial sectors, such as Banking and Financial Services, Life Sciences, IT & Software, Education and Training, and Retail Services.

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