How Far Does the Tech Literacy Affect the Current Workforce?

In the digital age, the employment scenario has witnessed a momentous change. Today, the only requirement for most of the jobs is technical literacy and the demand is expected to grow in leaps and bounds in the coming years. But the major concern in this regard is that how far the education system is successful in catering to the increasing need for technical expertise? Although several modifications are being proactively made in the system in order to accommodate this requirement, the desired results are yet to be achieved.

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Over the past few years, the scope and prospect of technology have changed at an exponential rate, which has substantially affected the job scenario across the world. The significance of a jobseeker in the current market is being measured in terms of his technical literacy. Needless to say, the lack of technical expertise has hindered the career growth of many individuals, especially those who are in the advanced stage. On the contrary, the tech-native youth, get through the highly paid jobs in the industry, even if they do not have a sound academic background.

However, it is unfortunate that even the modified academic set up does not have resources to satisfy this pressing need for technical literacy. It’s essentially affecting the ones, who are in the advanced stage of their career and at the same time, hardly have any technical knowledge base.  Circumstances force them to either survive miserably in a low paid job or face unemployment with all its dire effects on their socio-economic life. The community colleges are ready to offer remedial coursework for Maths or Physics, but none of them are ready to organize technical classes. Quite obviously, they are unable to get the tech training at a level they need.

Following the trend many people turn towards online training to enhance their technical skills, but the problem continues to persist in a more alarming way. Most of the time, online courses are unaccredited and unsuspecting students get themselves enrolled completely ignorant about the course and its validity. They just want a certification. But the problem crops up in the long run, when the certificate holds no value in the job market. The result is, such students have no option but to miserably pursue an unyielding career.

Studies reveal that the increasing need for technology won’t slow down in near future, instead the current circumstances clearly shows the requirement of technical literacy in a more gigantic scale. Hence, it’s extremely important for everyone, to have a basic level of technical knowledge, if not the higher level of expertise.

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