Impact of Cloud Technology in Education

In the 21st century, technology offers an innovative alternative to the traditional brick-and-mortar schooling. Today, education is  not merely a face-to-face interaction between teachers and  students, rather its  scope and prospects have gone through momentous changes, giving way to  personal and interactive learning in a virtual environment. With, “Cloud technology”, learning in an interactive environment has reached a new height. Students nowadays are taking interest in collaborative learning in an ever-expanding circle of their peers, regardless of geographical location.

cloud technology in education

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A couple of months ago, I was asked about my opinion regarding the impact of cloud technology on education in the coming years. This is indeed an interesting question. Cloud concept, by its very nature is changing at a rapid pace, with teacher and students using it extensively. Specifically said, the impact of technology on education in future will not be measured in terms of any device, rather the future will be all about “access to learning” and  student collaboration beyond geographical boundaries.

According to the experts, in the next few years, schools will have a large volume of online students (from all across the world) along with the traditional ones. I believe that things have already started to move in this direction with the development of several Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). In short, future will be all about education in the cloud.

So far, technology has often been considered as a hindrance to teaching and learning. The gadgets and other appliances were looked upon as distractions. However, with the emergence of cloud technology, these devices have become an integral part of education. Schools will only need to upgrade their infrastructure accordingly. They just need to install software, servers or local file storage. There should be a fast robust internet connection, which offers uninterrupted access to World Wide Web. It’s important to mention here that infrastructure is crucial for the involvement of technology in education.

However, we are not sure about the device that will be the medium of education in a virtual world, but cloud technology will certainly be the key element in the process. I believe that schools and other educational institutions ought to future proof their infrastructure, in order to cope up with the changing scenario.

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