Impact of Facebook in 21st Century Education

Social networking sites like Facebook have become a major concern among the parents of the growing children. This is blamed for a lot many things, from making the children actually unsocial, to the rising number of cases of child abuse and other crimes, and many others. And, one of the most common and global concern is probably that the child is not studying and wasting time on this site.

facebook impact in education

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Well, to some extent probably all the above accusations hold ground. The impact of the modern technologies, including the applications in Facebook, cannot be ignored, both in terms of their positive and negative effects. But as we all are aware of, science is a double edged sword. Either we learn to use it for our benefit, or we call upon our doom. While among all these discussions one might actually fail to see the positive impacts of social networking sites, but rest assured, there are quite a number of really great uses of these sites.

The modern day teaching methods are evolving fast to keep abreast with the changing social scenario. And the contribution of Facebook to this change cannot be ignored. One of the major changes that have occurred is the extensive use of Facebook applications for teaching purpose. Students are today encouraged to find information in this site in order to complete the projects. Not only information about the projects, one can virtually find all the information of the world here.

Facebook is among the most powerful platforms which have emerged in the past few years. From being a place to catch up with friends – both known and unknown, it is finally a tool for effective teaching tool. Looking closely at these social networking sites will give a fair idea about its importance and impact on the Education. One can find almost all of world news in this site, which certainly helps in   exploring new avenues of knowledge. Even the teachers are not left behind. Facebook has become one of the hotspot for discussion on various educational topics and exchange of study materials as well. The virtual world is fast evolving to match up to the actual world, and inclusion of education in its kitty is surely a large step.

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