Mobile Apps for Better Learning

Till a few years back, spending time on mobile meant just one thing – wasting valuable time, especially in case of the children. But, today with the development of the Smartphone and the advancement in the various applications, one can actually find a lot many options of putting these smart devices to a great use. Even if you are worried about your child wasting time on the mobile, you can actually download apps which will allow your child to gain skills and knowledge in a fun manner.

mobile apps for better learning

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Whether it is mathematics, or chemistry or biology or history, the list of apps dedicated to these individual subjects is endless. One can get fantastic educational applications for their iPhone or iPads for free. Here is a list of a few of the apps one can actually try out –

  1. Math Bingo
    This fun app is for beginners and a great way to make the kids fall in love with the numbers.
  2. Mathboard
    A slightly updated version which best suits kids between 1-6years. This fun app helps in making calculations easier and faster among the kids.
  3. Starwalk
    This great application is a complete astronomical guide and is definitely something both the children as well as their parents will love to explore. After all, at one point of time, we all loved watching the night sky with millions of stars adorning it.
  4. Monster Anatomy HD – Lower Limb
    This app is mainly targeted towards the doctors and the medical students as a hand on reference about the lower limb. It consists of a series of slides of the lower limb which will help in anatomical study of the lower limb.
  5. Virtual History – Roma
    We all have probably dozed off during the history class. But no more. This fantastic app will give an interactive insight into the Roman civilization, one of the best history lesson one can dream of.
  6. The Elements
    Periodic table made interesting. Believe it or not, this fantastic app has actually made the periodic table endearing and filled with numerous facts.

There are many more such educational applications, and as told, the list goes on. One just need to find the best one for one’s purpose.

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