Should Cell Phones Be Banned?

A couple of weeks ago, a discussion among the fellow teachers got me thinking about the rules of prohibiting the cell phone usage in our school. It’s true that over the past few years, there has been a huge inclination to mobile phones. Even kids, nowadays start using it at an early age, which is unquestionably a distraction. This is why, many schools including ours’ has banned the use of the device. But does it really help?

cell phones be banned in school

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Mobile devices are extremely tempting and it is difficult to do away with the lure it offers. When it is banned in classes, children find other ways to use it and hide it from the teacher. It is even more detrimental because students stay more focused on hiding their device from their teacher and gradually lose interest in studies. So, practically, banning it from class does not really help. In this post, I have tried to explore some of the reasons why banning mobile phones is a bad policy. Take a look here.

1. In schools we prepare students for bright career. Academic degrees are the primary requisite to get through to a rewarding job. So, when we are preparing students for a life after school, we should allow them to use devices which will be an integral part of their future life. Can you think of any job today, where smartphones are not beneficial? Right from doctors to a grocer, everyone use smartphones for their own purposes. By the time, our students’ enter their professional field, the need for technology will be even stronger. Banning mobiles in schools is certainly negligence on our part.

2. Studies reveal that cell phones are a great aid for delivering knowledge in the 21st century. The growing importance of collaborative learning has encouraged the use of smartphones even more. It makes videoconferencing with people across the world easier. With all these facilities, students will have increased opportunity to participate in collaborative learning, which will expand their knowledge base. We need to accept the fact that conventional exams do not prepare children for the world ahead. Rather they need to participate in the process of sharing knowledge, find solutions to problems together, which results in collective effort. Our policy to ban cell phones is based on the fact that students might text each other during the class, which may cause distraction. But, if we encourage them to use the devices in a fun way, learning can be made more interesting and effective.

3. Instead of banning mobile phones in class, we should encourage them to learn the responsible ways of using the device. We must show them that there are more interesting stuff out there in smartphones. There is much more to smartphones than simply sending texts and sharing pictures . They should know that smartphones are a great platform for learning and consuming information from World Wide Web.

I believe that banning technological gadgets in schools cannot do any good to the process of learning and training. Instead, we should encourage students to use technology in a way that stimulates an increased scope of learning and gaining knowledge.

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