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Nowadays, Twitter serves as one of the most powerful tools that facilitates a seamless and steady connection among teachers and students. With collaboration and cooperation becoming the key part of modern education system, it’s imperative to share your interests and knowledge with the world. And Twitter is certainly a great way to do this. Although, the common criticisms tag Twitter as a meaningless 140 character sound byte, in reality it is lot more. Twitter is all about conversation, which increases collaboration. I think, Twitter is more like a real life, where you can choose who to connect with. In the education scenario, twitter offers a bevy of benefits.

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I remember my school days, when I used to be little shy. The fear of taking part in discussion encouraged me to strategically place myself in class, so that I could easily escape my teacher’s sight. It’s not that I was not familiar with my lessons; shyness was my bugbear. Had there been Twitter, I would not have faced this problem. I could have easily expressed what’s on my mind. This free-flowing conversation on Twitter has encouraged students and teachers to embrace this tool for incorporating creative and effective ways for teaching and learning.

Before we get to the actual benefits of using twitter in the classroom, let’s take a look at why Twitter is a wonderful study tool. Here’s how:

  • Teachers and students can connect to each other on a wider and a personal level.
  • Interactions can be carried out seamlessly beyond the four walls of classroom
  • Sharing of knowledge becomes immensely customized
  • Twitter can be easily connected with multimedia resources, such as YouTube, which adds amusement with education thus making it more interesting
  • Twitter gives endless opportunities to connect with other learning communities and expand knowledge base.

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I often use Twitter to share the great things that goes on in our school. Recently, I have created a web page about our school in Twitter and regularly tweet the latest updates and incidents taking place here. It helps students as well as fellow teachers to stay informed about the school. I also embed the tweet on my web page, so that my visitors can get real time updates on what’s hot and what’s not. Needless to say, it l creates a sheer sense of interest among the pupils about their school and they  certainly feel more interested about their studies.

Twitter is a great platform to do research about topics we are studying.. There are plenty of tools that supports a seamless learning process. For example, if a student is using a particular paper for content curation, he can use selected Twitter hashtag for the topic they are studying and can put that tag into that paper. By doing this, the student can have all the research articles, pictures, and videos compiled with information which are required.

So what do you think? Have you used Twitter like this before? Share your experience with us!

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