Various Trends in K-12 Education

With the growing emphasis on collaborative and interactive learning, there is noticeable focus on students’ input into classroom rules and consequences. In many K-12 schools in Canada, students have all the opportunity to create the classroom environment by choosing the rules, rewards, and consequences. The process gives way to a flexible learning. All in all, the students should know what they are learning and how far these are effective. This is undoubtedly a better alternative than instructor-led education, when it comes to K-12 schools.

trends in K-12 education

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One of the major K-12 education trends today, includes the use of student portfolios for tracking their daily works. Although, a lot of backward districts are still not sure whether student portfolios are worth the time and effort, the system is gradually earning popularity. The idea is to collect students’ assignments throughout the year and use it as per the requirements. Student portfolio works as the basis for students, through which they can reflect and see their growth. Student portfolios can also be used during parent teacher conferences, where both parents and teachers can check a student’s day to day progress.

However, we need to keep in mind that all k-12 education trends come and go, but, instead of going with the flow we need to adhere to a strict principle, so that we can give right education at the right time. It is important to realize that teachers have individual teaching styles, as every student has a different learning style. There might be a lot of methodical variation.

A lot of new trends emerge almost every day, and as instructors, we must sort through all the trends and introspect what will work best with our instructional methods. In fact, we have to create a toolbox of effective strategies.

Nowadays, even technology is also used extensively in K-12 education, allowing students to stay a step forward in every possible way. Educators also are fast coming to the realization that incorporation of technology in K-12 education is used to recapture the students’ attention and enrich their learning interest, so that they can stay engaged in whatever they are learning.

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