Vocational Training is the Answer to Growing Youth Unemployment

Recent studies, point out a significant decrease in the number of employed individuals in Canada. This has not only created a widespread problem of unemployment, but has also posed a great threat to the growth and development of the individuals.

People in the age group of 16 to 24 are most affected, when they struggle to embark on their career opportunity for the first time. Their academic degree does not fit the job requirements. Quite obviously, youth unemployment is on the rise.

vocational training for youth unemployment

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Experts believe that the requirements in the current job scenario have gone through momentous fluctuations. Academic qualifications and degrees which mainly offer theoretical know how do not aptly accommodate the current needs. Without a fair amount of practical skills, an individual can hardly find a decent work opportunity in the present job market. As a result, many people, irrespective of their age and backgrounds are turning towards vocational training courses and apprenticeships. Hands on training offered during the vocational courses help them to launch their exciting new careers in a wide variety of fields. In addition to that, vocational courses are aptly designed to make students aware about the real life situations and train them how to deal with unidentified challenges.

Compared to extremely expensive university degrees, vocational courses put significant emphasis on the job-related practical skills and work experience. Thus, a student with extensive vocational training gains all the knowledge even before he embarks on his career. From that perspective vocational training is a cost-effective option which seems attractive to the youth across the United States.

Currently, vocational training is provided in the following fields:

  • Law
  • Teaching
  • Nursing
  • IT and Development

Thus, apprenticeship fosters an intensive learning skill in every student while training him to take active part in the professional field. Vocational training certainly offers a fantastic route to a potentially long and rewarding new career.

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