Why Do We Need an Interactive Classroom?

It’s just a few days ago, I got myself involved with a summer camp organized for the children of our relief school. The program involved intense learning in the camp for a week, which had a lot to do with the personal development of these kids. But, for a teacher, it is certainly a great opportunity to witness the process. I believe, such summer camps come with a bevy of benefits than merely upgrading the skills and personality of a child. For teachers, such  camps  offer a wonderful opportunity to reflect on  their own  process of delivering knowledge and identifying the  problem  areas  of each  and every student in  class.

Interactive Classroom

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In this post, I would like to highlight my experience during my stay in  the  camp,  so that my readers (especially the  educators) can get to know how  children  normally react,  when  education  becomes more of a  fun  and  not an  obligation. This year, we wanted to go creative and accordingly the task of our program was creating a Virtual book, where, students can liberally use storytelling, persuasion, and computer programs such as Paint and Movie-maker as they feel.  But,  the  sole  purpose of designing such  task  is  not to brush up the  artistic  skill of our students; instead the program was  aimed at developing real life skills, such as, project management, teamwork, and time management. The surprising part is that the majority of the participants performed exceptionally well.

What I did notice during the program is that a lot of students, who took active part in the program and performed incredibly fantastic, actually belong to the academically non-performing group in school. In-depth retrospection on this fact made it clear that the basic problem is not poor intellect of the child (it’s  already proved during the  task that the  kid  is  witty and a good team player); instead the  problem lies with the technique we  follow while delivering  knowledge  to them.

In many situations, I have felt that conventional classrooms confine children within four walls, thus making the learning process out and out boring. Quite obviously, a kid finds no pleasure in his class, which undesirably affects his or her academic performance. It’s unfortunate that we could barely decipher the root cause of a child’s consistently deteriorating performance.

Spending few hours every day with my students during the camp actually taught me how a school classroom should be. Unless it’s  a  place where children can  have fun,  they  won’t  be  interested anymore to be  there. Hence, it is imperative to offer every student an interactive environment where they can cultivate practical skill and not just stick to a tedious learning process. We should offer them opportunities, so that they can express their talents, creativity as well as their individualism.

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