Why does E-Learning Take Less Time than Traditional Classrooms?

It’s widely accepted that you can accomplish the same thing in e-Learning as in a traditional classroom in almost half the time. As an educator, I have always felt that e-Learning not only takes much reduced time, but also opens up endless opportunities to enhance the process of training and learning. But, the key factor to take into account here is what makes e-Learning hassle free and a time-saving venture.

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A couple of weeks back, one of my Twitter posts regarding this topic received a lot of replies from the followers. Many of my followers thought that the process of e-Learning eliminated group discussions, which cut down a lot of time. While in traditional classrooms, a lot of time is utilized in group discussions and other related stuff. But, on a more serious note , the scenario is little different. In e-Learning we have an advanced version of interactivity, by replacing the traditional group discussions with a virtual interactive platform, which is even more effective for training.

Given that e-Learning can cover same objectives at the same level of detail and with similar level of interactivity, it’s important to ponder at length, the differences in each case. Here are some of our thoughts.

Regular breaks of the teachers: A half-day class, which normally lasts for 30 minutes, includes a lot of interruptions. For example, it might include introductions, breaks, room logistics, waiting for people, etc. . These inconsequential pauses often hinder the seamless flow of delivering knowledge in traditional classes as a lot of time is required for all these activities.

Off-topic questions: Questions are an important part that makes classroom training so valuable. Like traditional classroom, in the e-Learning process also—students can get their specific questions answered. But what if you need to repeat something? While in e-Learning, this is easily solved with a rewind/replay button, but in conventional classroom the process requires a lot of time. The instructor has to go back and explain the topic afresh. In this process, everyone in the class has to suffer. Everyone goes off-topic and before you get back to the main topic, a lot of time is already consumed. This is not an issue in e-Learning.

Verbal inefficiency: Probably, this is one of the major factors for so much time consumption in the traditional classes. While teaching, instructors are on a roll. They tell three stories when two would have been enough. No doubt, it eats up a lot of time. On the contrary, when you create e-Learning lessons, every single word goes through an editing process, thus making it more efficient and effective. Such kind of filter hardly happens in the classroom.

Needless to say, in e Learning, we can seamlessly teach more in less time and that too without cutting down on the content or interactivity.

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